Ernest Joy's Letters, 40-43

May 2, 1940

May 2, 40
Dear Bob
Received your letter and the pictures and the paper clippings all o.k. after a long time boy I thought you must of got lost on the way I received the thermos clock april 15 and started it going on the 16 it did not work  good for a time as you will see by the recoard the cog was loose on the bottom and after a while I found the trouble and tightened it up and it has been o.k. ever sence, we have had two mighty gales since you was here the last was a holey terror hail snow sleet and rain I cannot tell you how bad it was I [?] wish you could of been here it was a 28 foot tide and fifty 50 mile gale the sea was right up in the field o god it was rough from the house up to the north and the sea was right to hell in the woods and down towards the south and in places it was half across the island to go out in the wind was just like the western front shooting buckshot at you I don't know if the recoard for that day is any good or not for the max and min was all washed clean and I could not look nor see when I unlocked the max the wind spun it around so fast you couldnt tell it was there, the anemometer stood it ok and never made a grunt and is still going fine neither of the blows this winter was as hard as the28 gale. the 28 gale I think must of reached 75 or 80 mph but the tide was short not more than 23-24 feet when you come up I can tell you all about it.
we had gulls eggs for breakfast
best of luck and best regards from carrie and me