Ernest Joy's Letters, 40-43

January 1, 1940

Jan. 1, 1940

Dear Bob,
received your letter and box of recoards ok and thanks for the book it was nice of you to send it.  I will start on the new recoards to day well the new year come in with bang last night at 1130 it was blowing 39 mph SE with rain and at 1230 it jumped in to west and snowed it is blowing 35 mph now and rough I would not like to be out in the Pont standing seas I guess you could get her bow under without trying very hard boy if you could see the Black ducks that is here this morning I am going to get some soon  we had the lobesters yesterday for the winter the fisherman have got their traps up and gon home we will miss them  Bob don't fail to come up and if you come through Brunswick see Mr Grose and see if he will send the Hambleton watch the one he left the mainspring broke and I have nothing that will keep time any wars right one is fast and the other slow I have to set one every hour
I have nothing to time the anomometer with correctly.  I have to watch the minute hand on the clock
boy I hope you and fred can make it now dont be frighten of u bots for there is none of them in the Bay of funday and not likely to be for they have not got any to spare and another thing it is too far from home base  Lester will be looking for you so dont fail to come  boy I hve to climb up and greese the anomometer every time the wind dies out enough to let me up there boy some times in a long blow the thing gets to howling right out boy she can make some nois when she gets dry
well best of luck
and a HaPPY New Year