Facilities and Fees

Night on the Island

  Research and living facilities at the Station are simple. Up to 16 researchers can be accommodated in the dormitory and four cabins. Visitors should bring sheets and blankets or sleeping bags. Most of the spaces are filled by researchers and students involved in long term research projects. Consequently, individuals interested in visiting the Station are encouraged to contact the Director as early as possible and plan to avoid the months of heaviest use of the Station (June-July). Family members are welcome, provided space is available. Camping and pets are not permitted. Meals are taken in a single, large dining area. Breakfast and lunch are informal and unscheduled. During June and July, dinner is provided by a cook employed each summer. At other times of the year, visitors should provide their own food.

There are two laboratory spaces, each with AC and DC electricity provided by a photovoltaic system and a backup generator. Equipment available to visiting researchers includes electronic balances, dissection microscopes, binoculars, tripods, spotting scope, and observation blinds. The workshop is equipped with a variety of battery-operated power tools and a table saw. A 23-foot fiberglass workboat (the Ernest Joy) with a 115 HP motor and a wooden skiff (the Susannah Kent) with a 20 HP motor allow access to nearby islands, as coordinated with our caretaker and boat operator. For more extensive excursions, Russell Ingalls' fishing boat Island Bound might be available for charter, depending on timing and other commitments.

A system of trails allows convenient access to most habitats on Kent Island. The old fields in the center of the island are gridded into 50-meter quadrats covering 10 hectares. About 4 hectares of spruce-fir forest are similarly gridded.

Station Fees


Without grants:

Student Researchers:
Senior Researchers:

With grants (student and senior researchers):


Overnight Visitors:

Bowdoin Faculty, Staff, and Family Members:
Bowdoin Alumni, Relatives and Guests of Researchers

Day Visitors:

Grand Manan Residents, Non-profit Groups, Other Visitors:
no fee
Commercial Tour Groups:

Boat Trips:

Boat Trips between Grand Manan and Kent Island:

The operation of the Bowdoin Scientific Station is supported by Bowdoin College and by station fees, grants from the National Science Foundation, and charitable donations.

Station fees include meals during June and July when our cook is present (at other times, you might find staples in the pantry but you will need to bring your own food), lodging, and use of all facilities and equipment at the field station. Boat transportation is from Seal Cove on Grand Manan and is possible with either the station's boat Ernest Joy or Russell Ingalls' fishing boat Island Bound; both options incur fees (see above) and require advance scheduling.  In some cases, it is possible to save costs by piggy-backing on an existing boat trip.

Overnight visitors should bring sleeping bags, towel, warm clothing, rain gear, high rubber boots, hat, flashlight, and personal medicines. Depending upon the tide, they should expect wet landings and lengthy walks across slippery beaches. There is no maid service, so everyone must take a turn at dish-washing, house-cleaning, and other chores. Casual visits can most easily be accommodated in May, August, and September. If you would like to visit or conduct research at Kent Island, please contact:

Ed Minot
Director of Bowdoin Scientific Station, Kent Island
Email: eminot@bowdoin.edu

Midge Minot
Assistant Director of Bowdoin Scientific Station, Kent Island
Email:  mminot@bowdoin.edu


Nathaniel T. Wheelwright
Chair, Biology Department
Bowdoin College
230D Druckenmiller
(207) 725-3583

Russell Ingalls
Tel: (506) 662-9114 or (506) 662-5225


Please touch base as early as possible about your desire to conduct research on the island. The summer mailing address for the field station is Bowdoin Scientific Station, 1406 Route 776, Grand Manan NB, Canada E5G 1H6.