Datasets - Terms of Use

The long-term databases maintained by the Bowdoin Scientific Station represent significant investments of time, energy, and funding made by many investigators and institutions.  The owners of the data (i.e., the investigators who collected them, BSS, and the agencies that funded the research) are making them freely available to the public for scientific and educational purposes. While we have made every effort to ensure the quality of the database, note that the possibility of small errors always exists. If any are encountered or suspected, please contact the investigators for clarification. Use of the data is subject to the following terms:

  1. Please contact the BSS director before using data contained on the BSS web site in any publication, unpublished technical report, or commercial application. 
  2. Both the data provider and BSS should be credited appropriately for any use of the data.  If these data represent a significant element of any publication, co-authorship of one or more of the original data providers may be in order.
  3. End users should obtain a BSS contribution number from the director prior to final publication.
  4. Copies of any publications or reports that made use of any of these data should be forwarded to the BSS director for inclusion in the Station's list of contributions.