Presentations and Videos

Japanese 203 Fall 2013 Skit
"Nihongo News" Alexander Vasile, Chandler Tinsman, Yehma Julien

Dylan Hall, Robert Hughes, Gregory Stasiw
Yakuza Game (Japanese 204 Final Project Skit) Spring 2013

Jean-Paul Honegger, Allyson Fulton, Sarah Siwak
Telephone Shopping (Japanese 204 Final Project Skit) Spring 2013

Ashley Talbot, Robert Feeney, Alexandra Mathieu
American Idol (Japanese 204 Final Project Skit) Spring 2013

Spring 2013: Independent Study Project Presentation

“Monogatari no wayaku to eiyaku no kokoromi (A foray into translating fiction from Japanese to English and English to Japanese)” by Carolyn Baber

“TPP to nihon no nougyou wa dounaru ka (The Influence of TPP on Japanese Agriculture)” by Will Bogardus

“Ningen wa jidai ya bunka ni yotte osoreru mono wa chigau (What People Fear Differs Based on Culture and Time Period)” by Julianne Farrar

Spring 2013: Japanese 206 Project presentation

“Kyogen: Nihon no dentou geinou (Kyogen: Japanese traditional performing arts)” by Justin Ehringhaus

“SMAP no Nihon no popculture e no eikyou (The influence of SMAP in Japanese popular culture)” by Kim Lacey

“Nihon deno Jonnys no aidoru tachi no eikyouryoku (The influence of Jonny’s idols in Japan)” by Yu Zhao

Spring 2013: Japanese 102 Skit presentations

“Jigoku no ryokou (The vacation from Hell)” by Chan Tinsman & Alex Vasile

“Mukashi no tomodachi (Old friends)” by Tyrone Li & Franco Sasieta

“Kazoku no ryokou (A family trip)” by Anthony Bellavia, Yaya Julien, & Violet Ranson

Spring 2013: Sakubun (written composition) presentation in Japanese 102

Sakuban title: “Watashi no tomodachi (My friend)” by Tyrone Li:

Sakuban title:  “Ii tomocadhi (My good friend)” by Yaya Julien

Sakuban title: “Buraisu-san (Mr. Bryce)” by Chan Tinsman

Sakuban title:  “Watashi no shinyu (My best friend)” by Anthony Bellavia

Sakuban title: “Watashi no tomodachi (My friend)” by Alex Vasile

Sakuban title:  “Watashi no ii tomodachi (My good friend) by Franco Sasieta

Sakuban title:  “Watashi no ichiban ii tomodachi” (My best friend) by Violet Ranson

Fall 2012 Japanese 205 Cooking presentations

Fall 2012 Japanese 101 Skit
Watashi no deeto ("My date")
by Anthony Bellavia, Tyrone Li, and Chan Tinsman:

Fall 2012 Japanese 101 Skit
Neko-chan wa atarashii tomodachi desu ka ("Is a cat our new friend?")
by Yaya Jullien, Luis Rosias, and Alex Vasile:

Intermediate Japanese skit entitled "Hiru gohan" or Lunch
(Performed by Ashley Talbot, Gregory Stasiw, and Robert Hughes) (Japanese 203, Fall 2012)

Intermediate Japanese skit entitled "James Bond”
(Performed by Dylan Hall, Allyson Fulton, Gregory Stasiw, J.P. Honegger, and cameo role by Mitsuko Numata (instructor)) (Japanese 203, Fall 2012)

Intermediate Japanese skit entitled "Watashitachi no aibito" or Our lover
(Performed by Sarah Siwak, Violet Ranson, Robert Feeney, and Alexandra Mathieu) (Japanese 203, Fall 2012)

Japanese Advanced-Intermediate (Japanese 205)  Fall 2010, presentation of a written composition
This student talks about Chinese new year’s tradition and it is followed by question and answer from peer students.

Japanese Elementary (Japanese 101) Fall 2010, skit presentation
These students’ skit title is making new friends.

Japanese 102 Spring 102 Skit presentation by Kim Lacey, Dylan Hammer, and Willem Bogardus

Japanese 102 Spring 102 Sakubun presentation followed by Q&A in class by Willem Bogardus

Japanese Language Table videos