2014–2015 Events

Shirokuma Awards Spring 2015

Shirokuma Awards (SP 2015)

Congratulations to this semester's Shirokuma Movie Award winners! We enjoyed seeing all of the first-year Japanese language students' entries and look forward to next year's projects!

Karaoke Party 2015

Karaoke Party

Thanks to everyone for an entertaining night of karaoke! We have some wonderful singers in our midst! Special thanks to Talbot-san for organizing Karaoke Party 2015!

Hafu Film Screening

"Hafu" Film Screening & Panel Discussion

Thank you to everyone who attended last night's screening of "Hafu" and the following panel discussion! Thanks also to Professor Shinoda and the student panelists for offering their thoughts and insights.

Japanese Tea Ceremony

Japanese Tea Ceremony at Howell House

Thank you to everyone who came to last night's Japanese tea ceremony demonstration at Howell House! Erin Nelson did a wonderful job explaining and demonstrating the tea ceremony as well as sharing her own experiences of studying with tea masters in Kyoto. Thank you also to Becca and Kento for their assistance.

Avalon Film Screening

"Avalon" Film Screening & Lecture by Christopher Bolton

Thanks to everyone who came to tonight's screening of "Avalon!" Be sure to join us on Monday, November 10 (4-5:30 pm, Visual Arts Center, Beam Classroom) for a lecture titled "Oshii Mamoru's Avalon: Gaming, Graphics, History, and the Future of Japanese Film" by Christopher Bolton. Dr. Bolton, Associate Professor of Comparative and Japanese Literature at Williams College, is a specialist on Japanese science fiction and animation; he is also the associate editor of the journal Mechademia.

The Wind Rises Film Screening

"The Wind Rises" Film Screening

Thank you to everyone who came to tonight's screening of "The Wind Rises" (風立ちぬ)! And special thanks to Honneger-san for a wonderful introduction to Hayao Miyazaki's masterpiece!

Japanese Program Welcome Party

Japanese Program Welcome Party (FA 2014)

Thanks to all of the students who came to tonight's welcome party! We hope you enjoyed learning about all of the Japan-related opportunities at Bowdoin and abroad. Thank you also to Bowdoin Japanese Program alumni Andrew Steltzer (2008), Ikumi Crocoll (2009), and Alex Haskins (2011) for sending encouraging messages to the current students!