Japanese Language Courses

Anyone interested in studying Japanese at Bowdoin should be able to find a course suitable for his/her level since we offer a full range of language instruction—from beginner to advanced.

Elementary Japanese I (Japanese 1101)

An introductory course in modern Japanese language. In addition to mastering the basics of grammar, emphasis is placed on active functional communication in the language, reading, and listening comprehension. Context-oriented conversation drills are complemented by audio materials. The two kana syllabaries and 60 commonly used kanji are introduced.

Textbook: Genki I, 2nd edition (Lessons 1-6), Japan Times.

Elementary Japanese II (Japanese 1102)

A continuation of the fundamentals of Japanese grammar structures and further acquisition of spoken communication skills, listening comprehension, and proficiency in reading and writing. An additional 90 kanji are introduced.

Textbook: Genki I, 2nd edition (Lessons 7-12), Japan Times.

Intermediate Japanese I (Japanese 2203)

An intermediate course in modern Japanese language, with introduction of advanced grammatical structures, vocabulary, and characters. Continuing emphasis on acquisition of well-balanced language skills based on an understanding of the actual use of the language in the Japanese socio-cultural context. An additional 100 kanji are introduced.  

Textbook: Genki 2, 2nd edition (Lessons 13-18), Japan Times.

Intermediate Japanese II (Japanese 2204)

A continuation of Intermediate Japanese I with the introduction of more advanced grammatical structures, vocabulary, and characters.

Textbook: Genki 2, 2nd edition (Lessons 19-23), Japan Times.

Advanced-Intermediate Japanese I (Japanese 2205)

Increases students' proficiency in both spoken and written modern Japanese. A variety of written and audiovisual materials are used to consolidate and expand mastery of more advanced grammatical structures and vocabulary. Includes oral presentation, discussion, and composition in Japanese.

Advanced-Intermediate Japanese II (Japanese 2206)

A continuation and progression of materials used in Advanced Intermediate Japanese I.

Advanced Japanese I (Japanese 3307)

Designed to develop mastery of the spoken and written language. Materials from various sources such as literature, newspapers and cultural journals as well as TV programs and films are used. Assigned work includes written compositions and oral presentations.

Advanced Japanese II (Japanese 3308)

A continuation of Advanced Japanese I. Continued efforts to develop oral and written fluency in informal and formal situations. Reading of contemporary texts of literature, business, and social topics.

Japanese Language Advanced Independent Study

Students who have reached the level beyond Advanced Japanese II may take an Independent Study in Japanese with permission from a sponsoring faculty member. Focus of the course depends on the students' interest, sponsoring professor's field, etc.