Curriculum & Requirements for the Japanese Language Minor

See Where Japanese Can Take You

Studying Japanese language at Bowdoin can open up a world of opportunities no matter what your major. Whether your interest is in anthropology or business you might apply to intern with L.L. Bean Japan and learn about brand experience with a multinational company. If you’re interested in the sciences there are fellowships and research opportunities with some of the top universities in Japan. Bowdoin also offers classes on Japanese politics and society which may inspire you to consider interning with the Japanese government. Those with leanings toward Asian studies, history, literature, and art history may be interested in pursuing an MA or PhD in their field of interest, becoming a translator or interpreter, or spending some time teaching English in Japan with JET (Japan Exchange and Teaching Program). And whatever your major, we encourage you to study abroad in Japan for a semester or a year and experience Japanese life first hand.

Requirements for the Japanese Language Minor

The minor in Japanese Language consists of five courses, four of which must be in Japanese language. Students who have a background in the language must take four classes in Japanese from the point where they are placed in the placement exam. The fifth course may be either an advanced Japanese language class, or a literature, film, or culture course in the area of language study, including a first-year seminar. The roster of qualified classes may change, so students should consult with their advisors.

Requirements for the Japanese Minor

• up to 2 full Bowdoin credits from an approved off-campus study program may count towards the minor
• “double counting” of courses is not allowed
• one course taken with the Credit/D/Fail grading option may count for the minor as long as a Credit grade is earned and the course is not at the 3000 level