Elizabeth Schetman '13

Elizabeth Schetman '13I spent my Junior Fall semester in Rome, studying on Trinity College's Rome Campus. Rome is an incredibly unique city in it's fusion of rich history and classical antiquity with all of the resources and developments of a modern society. I loved getting to know the city and Italian culture, and living there for three and a half months allowed me to establish a routine that made me feel like a local and made Rome truly feel like home. There was never a dull moment during my semester abroad. Some highlights include: visiting the Pantheon in the rain (the rain comes through the oculus - so amazing!); swimming in the grottos in Capri; olive-picking at Velletri; climbing to the top of the Duomo and St. Peter's Basilica; and attending a chocolate fair in Trastevere. While I was studying abroad for academic purposes, my education was largely cultural as well. Living away from home and in a foreign city is an unparalleled opportunity for personal growth, and I learned a lot about myself as well as the Eternal City during my time spent there. I would recommend studying abroad in Rome to anyone who appreciates great art, delicious food, diverse culture, and Mediterranean temperatures in a heartbeat!