Chris Omachi '12

chris-omachi-12I studied in Bologna with ECCO, the Eastern College Consortium (Vassar, Wellesley, and Wesleyan), in the Spring of 2011. The highlights of my experience included my Contemporary Italian Art History class with a fascinating professor from the Universita di Bologna. All of our program classes were taught by UNIBO faculty. Another highlight included several cooking classes with a renowned local restauranteur. She invited us to her home once a week to learn how to make fresh pasta, Bolognese sauce, veal Milanese, tiramisu, and many other delicious dishes. I also loved traveling around Italy with my program as well as on my own.

Studying in Italy has contributed to my education experience in many ways. With a language-intensive course, I obviously increased my speaking, reading, and writing skills tremendously. But perhaps more importantly, I experience a completely different culture and way of learning and living. Classes were quite different from Bowdoin courses and living in an authentic Italian city was invigorating, challenging, and ultimately, very rewarding.

For students considering studying in Italy, I would recommend Bologna. It is the perfect city for studying abroad. It is young, lively, and full of life. It offers the opportunity to meet and live with Italians and experience a side of Italy that most Americans would never see.