Grants, Fellowships, and Awards

Bowdoin Italian Awards

The Raimondi Prize and the Dante Prize.

These prizes were established in 2010 by the generous donation of Bowdoin alumni, Zach Messitte '90 (second from right in photo below).  
The Raimondi prize honors the most outstanding senior in Italian Studies.  
The Dante Prize is given to the student who writes the best essay on Dante that year.

Raimondi Prize: Drew Trafton '10
Dante Prize: Eric Ardolino '10

Bowdoin Italian Awards 2010

Raimondi Prize: Christian Ebersol '11
Dante Prize: Michael Hannaman '13 and Madeleine Pinne '14

Bowdoin Italian Awards 2011

Raimondi Prize: Morgan Andersen '12
Dante Prize: Mary Ridley '12

Raimondi Prize: Michael Hannaman '13 and Eliza Warren-Shriner '13
Dante Prize: August Miller '16 and Mary Bryan Barksdale '15

Raimondi Prize: Kyra Babakian '14 and Paige Gribb '14
Dante Prize: Gretchen Williams '14

Raimondi Prize: Thomas Henshall, '15
Dante Prize: Hannah Arrighi '15 and Kristen Hilberti '16

honors 2015

Raimondi Prize: May Kim '16
Dante Prize: Anna Bradley Webb '16
Romance Languages and Literatures: Michael Colbert '16

honors 2016

Raimondi Prize: Adam Glynn '17, Clarissa Hunnewell '17, Bridget Went '17
Dante Prize: Raisa Tolchinsky '17
honors 2017

Raimondi Prize in Italian Studies: Emily Beaulieu '18 and Cesar Varela '18

Emily Beaulieu '18 and Cesar Varela '18

Dante Prize in Italian Studies: Christopher "CJ" Markisz '20 and Spencer Wuest '18

CJ Markiesz and Spencer Wuest

Internal Grants and Fellowships

at Bowdoin

Mini-Grants for Research  Support academic year undergraduate research and travel in all disciplines.

Grua/O’Connell Research Awards  Support faculty-mentored student research expenses such as travel, books, or equipment.

Office of Student Fellowships and Research  Provides complete information on undergraduate research funding at Bowdoin and beyond.

Office of Special Academic Programs  Provides information on the Mellon Mays, Chamberlain and Faculty Scholarship programs at Bowdoin, as well as nationwide Summer Research Opportunities and the preparation for Graduate School.

The Joseph McKeen Center for the Common Good  Supports research, service, and leadership programs involving engagement with local, national, and international communities.

Funded Internship Programs  Available through the Career Planning Center, such as the Davis Projects for Peace and the Preston Public Interest Career Fund, among others.

Scholarships, fellowships and grants available to students of Italian

in Italia

The Guggenheim Museum in Venice's Internship Program: The museum offers an internship program for Italian and international students who study art, art history or related disciplines who are interested in gaining first-hand experience of how a museum is run.

Fulbright Grants for Study/Research These grant awards are designed to conduct study and/or research in one country for an academic year, providing round-trip transportation, book and research allowances, maintenance, supplemental health coverage, and language or orientation courses. These grants are a great opportunity to create long-lasting connections with scholars in Spanish-speaking countries for in-depth research. A great foundation for future graduate or professional studies.

The Network of Autonomous Schools of the Lombardy Region’s Study, Intercultural Training and Experience (SITE) program in Italy:
The SITE program is a paid internship and cultural-exchange program offering students and recent graduates an opportunity to work as teaching assistants in a secondary school in Lombardy—a vibrant commercial region in northern Italy—for a partial or full academic year. Interns receive a monthly study grant, work with an advisor to plan a program that gels with their interests and career goals and may take classes at a partnering Italian university. One space is reserved each year for Bowdoin participants who meet the requirements

The National Italian American Foundation's Scholarships for Italian Americans and Students of Italian Language:
This resource aids students interested in seeking funding opportunities outside of the NIAF Scholarship Program providing a comprehensive listing of scholarships granted by other organizations for Italian Americans and students of Italian language.

Voyage of Discovery
This program, sponsored by the National Italian American Foundation, is an all-expenses paid trip that targets Italian American students. The scholarship covers round-trip airfare between Italy and America and 10 days of programs.

Programma Ponte in Rome
The Programma Ponte, now in its sixteenth year, is a collaborative initiative, sponsored by the Association of Italian American Educators (AIAE), the Federazione Nazionale dei Cavalieri del Lavoro (FNCL) and the Istituto Superiore per la Comunicazione e l'Opinione Pubblica (ISCOP), associated with the Department of Social Sciences of the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas, Rome, Italy. It is a four-week summer program of study in Rome and the scholarship covers room and board expenses.