Department Requirements

Italian Studies Major Requirements

Nine courses higher than Italian Studies 1101, including:

  • Italian Studies 1102 or 1103
  • Italian Studies 2203, 2204, 2305, and 2408
  • Two courses taught in English, whose focus is on Italian art, culture, cinema, or music (such as courses offered by Art History, Classics, Cinema Studies, and Music) may count toward the major; one must be taught by a member of the Italian Studies faculty.*
  • Other Bowdoin courses or courses taken abroad require approval from the department to fulfill major requirements.
  • Three courses at the advanced level (3000-3999). At least one advanced course (3000-3999) must be taken in the student’s senior year and at Bowdoin
  • Students who place out of any of the courses listed above must still take at least nine Italian Studies courses for the major.
*Courses in English outside the Italian Studies program that have been approved are:
ARTH 2220: Art of the Italian Renaissance (Prof. Wegner)
ARTH 2230: The Arts of Venice (Prof. Wegner)
ARTH 3240: The Art and Life of Michelangelo (Prof. Wegner)
ARTH 3330: Studies in Seventeenth-Century Art: Caravaggio and Artemisia Gentileschi (Prof. Wegner)
CLAS 3310: Imagining Rome (Prof. Boyd)
MUS 1302: Introduction to Opera (Prof. Hunter)

The Italian Studies Minor

The Italian Studies Minor consists of four (4) courses above Italian 2203, including one 3000-level course taken at Bowdoin.  One 2000-level course taken while abroad may count toward the Minor.

The Romance Languages and Literatures Major

Students who are interested in studying two Romance languages at Bowdoin (French, Italian and Spanish) may elect to pursue the Romance Languages and Literatures major.

Students who elect Italian as one of their languages complete 9 courses in two languages above 2204 with the following requirements:
  • Italian 2305 and 2408 [or the equivalent in study abroad]
  • Spanish 2409 and 2410 [or the equivalent in study abroad] If combining Italian Studies with Hispanic Studies
  • French 2407 or 2408 [or the equivalent in study abroad] If combining Italian Studies with Francophone Studies
  • French 2409, 2410 or 2411 [or the equivalent in study abroad] If combining Italian Studies with Francophone Studies
  • 3 courses at the 3000 level in either language [1 upper-level literature course may be approved from study abroad] At least two 3000-level courses must be taken at Bowdoin.  At least one of the 3000-level courses must be in Italian.
  • Up to 4 credits toward the major for a year of study away and up to 3 credits may be earned through a semester of study away