Faculty and Staff

Allison Cooper
Assistant Professor of Romance Languages and Literatures and Cinema Studies

Davida A. Gavioli
Senior Lecturer in Italian

Anna Rein
Senior Lecturer in Italian

Arielle Saiber
Professor of Romance Languages and Literatures

Contributing Faculty

Barbara Weiden Boyd
Winkley Professor of Latin and Greek

Crystal Hall (on leave for the 2017-18 academic year)
Associate Professor of the Digital Humanities

Jim Higginbotham
Associate Professor of Classics on the Henry Johnson Professorship Fund
Associate Curator for the Ancient Collection in the Museum of Art
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Christy Thomas
Visiting Assistant Professor of Music

Susan Wegner
Associate Professor of Art History and Director of the Art History Division of the Department of Art,
Art History


Teaching Fellow

Arianna Apicella

Department Coordinator

Kate Flaherty
Dept. Phone: (207) 725-3357
Dept. Fax: (207) 725-3348