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IT provides the following printing services:

1.  Networked Printing:

All faculty and staff can print from their office computers to networked printers placed in convenient locations all over campus.  When you get your Bowdoin computer, the printer will already be installed and you should be able to print immediately.

2.  PolarPrint:

PolarPrint, powered by Pharos Systems, is Bowdoin's public printing system. There are a number of PolarPrint printers on campus that all faculty, students and staff can print to.  This means that even when you are outside of your usual office space, you can print.  Similarly, it means that students don't need to bring their own printers to campus.  If your laptop has wireless access and is connected to the Bowdoin wireless system, then you can print to a PolarPrint printer from anywhere on campus.

You can now also print to a PolarPrint printer from any mobile device with email access. Simply send an email from your Bowdoin email account with what you want to print as an attachment to a special email account and your print job will be able to be released from any PolarPrint printer on campus.

When you print to a PolarPrint printer, you will have to "swipe" your OneCard ID at the printer release station next to the printer in order to actually print your jobs.

3.  Large Format Printing:

The Copy Center has large format printers that can print posters of various sizes.