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Media Project Consulting

Beginning a new digital project (still images, audio, video)?

Contact Paul Benham at 798-4359 or Paul Benham for  help with projects like these:

  • Creating video clips from DVDs to show in class
  • Creating a photo gallery or a video blog for public viewing
  • Creating instructional videos for students to view outside of class
  • Digitizing bird call recordings and inputting them into a searchable database
  • Documenting in photo, video and audio the process of creating a painting
  • Assisting with digital stories your students create.
  • Learning video software (iMovie or Final Cut X)
  • Creating videos using mobile devices.
  • Recording digital narratives or interviews.

Would you like to have a student video project in your course? Contact Kevin Travers (ktravers@bowdoin.edu) to coordinate the training and equipment needs.