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Equipment Loans

IT Loaning exists to support academic and other programs of the College.

Through short-term loans, we provide classes with equipment to create multimedia projects, especially documentary or research videos.

Through long-term loans, we support academic departments with additional equipment, thus augmenting the resources available for faculty. We also provide specialized software for longer-term projects such as complex data analyses, or year-long video projects.

If you would like to borrow equipment, please email your request to:  itloaning@bowdoin.edu 

Loaner Requests should include:

  • Your name
  • Unit you want to borrow (e.g., PC, Mac, Still Camera, etc.)
  • Your Department
  • Date unit will be picked up
  • Date unit will be Returned

NOTE:  Equipment is reserved on a first come, first served basis, so please try to make the reservation as far in advance as possible.The equipment pool is designed for short term usage and is typically limited to 10 business days. If your department needs a computer to use for an extended period of time, please either contact the Helpdesk at x3030, or send an email to helpdesk@bowdoin.edu, to make other arrangements.

You can pick up your reserved equipment at:
Coles Tower, 2C
721-LOAN or 721-5626
Operating Hours:
8:30-5:00, M-F

Loaner Items include:
  • Windows Laptops
  • Macintosh Laptops
  • Digital Still Cameras
  • Digital Video Cameras
  • Data Projectors
  • Digital Voice Recorders
  • Smart Pens
  • External Hard Drives
  • DVD/CD Players
  • Tripods
  • Portable Projection Screens
  • XLR Microphones
  • Powered Speakers
  • Apple iPads
  • Apple iPods
  • Garmin GPS (car)

Foreign Language Faculty members can find additional resources at the Language Media Center.