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Clickers are devices that look like remote controls and allow all the students to respond to a question at the same time providing an instructor with immediate feedback. Usually the questions are multiple-choice questions. Images can be incorporated into questions. Software quickly summarizes the responses and shows the number of students who selected each answer choice. This summary can be displayed as a bar chart to the entire class and the instructor. Bowdoin uses Turning Technologies for its clicker system.

A typical clicker setup includes:

  • TurningPoint 5 software - installed on all classroom computers. 
  • An RF (radio frequency) USB receiver to transmit the responses from the clickers to the instructor computer from 250 feet away.
  • Clickers - usually one for each student
  • An instructor remote allowing the opening and closing of polling from anywhere in the classroom (not required)

clicker response card  

Using Clickers - Guides and video tutorials

If you would like to use clickers for your course, contact Paul Benham at pbenham@bowdoin.edu or 207-798-4359 and specify:

  • Course Name
  • Number of Students expected
  • Classroom (if known)
  • Preferred operating system (Mac or Windows)