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AV Services

AV vehicles poised to respond for classroom technology assistance. "Our goal is to be onsite within 5 minutes if something cannot be fixed remotely!"


The purpose of Audio/Visual services at Bowdoin College is to provide excellent support for classrooms, special events and symposia that are in direct correlation with the academic mission of the College.  High quality video and audio recordings are utilized for such purposes as Pod Casting, iTunes-U and archiving. 

Staff is available to assist you with a number of services:

  • Audio and video recording of campus events
  • Video Conferencing (How to do a video conference using Skype)
  • Design, installation, support and maintenance of classroom A-V equipment
  • Sound and multimedia playback support of campus events
  • Hiring outsourcers
  • Purchasing multimedia equipment

Office Location:  Coles Tower, 2B
Office Phone:  725-3612
Email:  avservices@bowdoin.edu

Hours: 8:30am - 9:00pm, M-F (academic year)
8:30-5:00 pm, M-F (otherwise)