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Make a phone call during a power outage

Your VoIP network (office) phone requires power and an network connection. Your phone may not work during a power outage or network interruption.  If there is no dial tone on your VoIP phone, you may use a green stripe phone.  You will need to locate the nearest phone with a green stripe.

Green Stripe Phones are located in both Residence Halls and Academic and Administrative buildings.  Please familiarize yourself with the location of the Green Stripe Phones in your building.

Making Calls

  • On-campus calls: Simply pick up the Green Stripe Phone and dial the 4 or 5 digit extension.
  • Off-campus local calls: Pick up the phone, dial 9 and the 7 digit telephone number.
  • Long-distance calls: Pick up the phone, dial 9, 1, area code and the 7 digit telephone number. You  will be prompted for your long distance code.

Incoming calls

If your Green Stripe phone extension starts with 6 you will not be able to receive incoming calls from off-campus. You can receive calls from on-campus.

Where are the Green Stripe Phones:

Residence Halls
Maps of Green Stripe Phone locations (PDFs)
List of extensions of Green Stripe Phones

Academic and Administrative Buildings
Maps of the Green Stripe Phone locations(PDFs)
List of extensions of Green Stripe Phones

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Oct 05, 2009