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Express Scribe is a free program that you can download to your Mac or Windows pc so that you can transcribe on a non-Bowdoin computer. 

Download Express Scribe:

  • Macintosh (Look for the link to the free version in the middle of the page)
  • Windows (Look for the link to the free version in the middle of the page)

* Save the essetup.exe (pc) or scribemac.zip (mac) file to your desktop.

Installing Express Scribe:

Find the essetup.exe or scribemac.zip file on your desktop and double click on it to open it. Follow the steps to install the program. At the "Select Related Programs" window (appears on Windows installation only), don't check anything. When the installation is complete, "Express Scribe" will open.


Load your recordings into Expressscribe:

Drag and drop your recorded audio file into the top half of the window (below the labels for "Recording, Sender, etc.)

Play your recordings:

Click on the file and then click on the Play (green triangle) button to play back your file. 
Keyboard shortcuts: Windows - f9 to PLAY f4 to STOP, Macintosh - F5 to PLAY, F6 to STOP

Adjust the speed of the playback:

Drag the Speed slider in the bottom right of the window to the left to make it slower and to the right to make it faster.

Additional Help:

Getting started with Express Scribe

Advanced Features (only "Adding Bookmarks" is available in the free version)

A complete manual is included as part of the install file and fully describes operation. To open the manual from within the software, choose Help -> Help Contents (pc) or Help ->Express Scribe Help (mac).

Setting up a foot pedal to use with Express Scribe. IT Loaning has foot pedals available to loan. Email itloaning@bowdoin.edu or call 721-LOAN(5626) to reserve yours!

foot pedal