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Sophos Antivirus

Install and Use Sophos Antivirus

To Download and Install Sophos Antivirus:

  1. You can download Sophos Antivirus here:
  2. Once you have downloaded Sophos Antivirus to your desktop double-click the icon to start the installer
  3. Keep clicking on "next" to go through the installer until it is finished.
  4. On a PC: you will see the Sophos Antivirus shield down near the clock
  5. On a MAC: the same shield will be up in the finder bar also near the clock.
  6. To manually run a Sophos Antivirus scan: open Sophos Antivirus from the "applications" (mac) or "all programs" (pc) menu and in the window that opens click "Scan My Computer" or "Scan this Mac".
  7. If Sophos Antivirus is alerting you that it is detecting a virus or spyware follow the instructions above to run a manual scan to clean your computer
  8. When the scan is complete items in quarantine are normal.
  9.  If Sophos Antivirus was unable to quarantine something and you still recieve alerts from Sophos Antivirus please call the  Help Desk at x3030 or the Student Help Desk at x5050

Sophos Removal on a PC

  1. Uninstall through Start-->Control Panel-->Programs and Features (Win 7)

Sophos Removal Package on a Mac

  1. Select Go from the top menu.
    • If you are in another application, click on your Desktop and Go will appear across the top menu.
  2. Select Computer.
  3. Double-Click on your Hard Drive.
    • This is normally called Macintosh HD or something similar.
  4. Double-Click on Library.
  5. Double-Click on Sophos Anti-Virus.
  6. Double-Click on the Remove Sophos Anti-Virus.pkg file.
  7. Click Continue and then Install.
  8. Enter your computer password when/if prompted.
  9. Click Close when finished.

The Sophos shield should no longer appear on the menu bar in the upper right near your clock. If it does, repeat the above steps or contact the Student Help Desk at x5050

Recommended Malware/Spyware Removal Tools:

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Jul 11, 2014