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Installing OSX Lion

As with all operating system upgrades it is recommended you back up your important information to an external hard drive or dvd. Block out 2 hours of time for the upgrade process.  Apple no longer provides a disc for their Operating System, it is a download only through the App Store (found in your dock). The download is large so connect to the internet using a Network Cable instead of wireless (once the cable is connected, turn airport off!)

If you do not see the App Store in your dock it can be found in your Application folder (Double click the hard drive icon, click "Applications" on the left).  If you still do not see the App Store you may be running Leopard 10.5.x (to Verify click on the Apple-->About this Mac).  If you are running Leopard 10.5.x please contact IT Student Services at 207-721-5050 or itss@bowdoin.edu.

Have the redemption code sent to your Bowdoin email available.  Open the App Store from the dock and click "Redeem" from the right hand column under "Quick Links"

Lion install 1st step
Enter your redemption exactly as it is typed in the email and click "Redeem":
Lion Install 2nd step
You can now click "Done" and looking in the dock you will see the "Lion" icon with the download status bar beneath it.  The download can take up to an hour so connecting to the network with an ethernet cable instead of wireless is best!:
Lion 4th step
When the download finishes this window will pop up for the install to start by clicking "Continue":
Lion 5th step
You'll accept the license agreement and then choose the hard drive you want to install Lion to, if your hard drive is listed click "install"  if not click "Show all disks":
Lion next step
If you had to click "Show all disks" you now have  a scrollable window to find the hard drive you want to install Lion on, choose it, then click "Install":
Lion choosing a disk
You should now be seeing the following screen, the installer is preparing and will reboot your system to start the install:
Lion Installation in progress
Your computer will reboot to the installer and proceed.  This can take up to an hour to complete:
Install time
When the install completes your system reboots into your newly upgraded Lion OS.  All of your files, applications, and settings are retained.
Enjoy Lion OSX 10.7!
Booted into Lion
Document author:
Sherry Saxida
Last modified:
Jan 21, 2012