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Power Point 2011

The Ribbon

Power Point 2011 introduces the ribbon, which can be customized and minimized depending on your needs. The tabs within the ribbon organize sets of tools to help you create presentations more quickly. The formatting palette, which used to float, is now a smart tab within the ribbon; it appears when you select something (e.g., shape, textbox) that can be formated.

Power Point Ribbon 2011

New Presenter Tools

One of the new features of Power Point 2011 is Presenter View -- your audience sees your current slide, while you additionally view your notes and next slide.

If you would like to use this feature in a Bowdoin classroom, once in Power Point go to the Slide Show tab, make sure in the Setting for Two Displays section the Presenter View icon is selected, before you play the slide show.
presenter view icon

If you need to change which display the presenter view is on, so that you see your notes and the audience sees only your slides, click the Swap Displays icon on the top taskbar of the presenter view window. You may need to drag your mouse beyond the field of your monitor display (all the way to the right or left) to the projector display to get to the Swap Displays icon.
swap displays icon

If you would like to use the standard mirror show, in which both screens display the exact same thing, in the Slide Show tab, change the Setting for Two Displays section to Mirror Show, before you play the slide show.
mirror show icon

More details about Presenter View can be found on the Microsoft site.

Additional Resources

Visit the Microsoft training site for videos, tutorials, and step-by-step instructions on Power Point 2011.

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Sep 26, 2011