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Microsoft Office 2007 Ribbon

In Microsoft Office 2007 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) the interface has been significantly redesigned. The interface no longer uses Files and Menus, which many of us have grown quite accustomed to, even if we could not easily remember where infrequently used commands were.

What's New in Office 2007?


1.The Ribbon: A bar at the top of the screen which brings the most popular commands to the forefront and organizes them into tabs for different types of activities

2. The office-button Office Button which replaces the File menu

3. The quick-access-toolbar Quick Access Toolbar to put your most common commands

How can I Familiarize myself with Office 2007?

1. Sign up for a 30-minute IT training course on the Office 2007 Primer

2. Learn with Microsoft's Office Online Courses

3. Play with Microsoft's Interactive Reference Guides which will show you how to do any Office 2003 command in Office 2007

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Oct 29, 2009