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Using iDVD to burn your iMovie project

NOTE: Please use DVD-R's for your iDVD projects. This will ensure a greater likelihood that the finished DVD will play on most DVD players.

Get Started with iDVD Video Tutorials

These instructions assume you are using iMovie 11 and iDVD 7. 

1. Insert a blank DVD.
2. In iMovie, click on the Share menu and then iDVD. The movie will take a few minutes to process.

share idvd

3. Your exported movie will open in iDVD and automatically create a new project with the default theme.
4. Change the titles and play menu by clicking on the text (the button you select to start your DVD when in a DVD player or computer)

idvd project

5. Choose a theme for your DVD menu page. **(If you do not want your movie to start immediately and want a menu screen to come up first follow the directions below.)
6. When you are ready to burn a DVD click on the burn button. (Try a different theme if  you encounter problems burning the DVD.)

burn button

Adding a menu page to your DVD:

1. Click on the "Show DVD Map" button. show dvd map
2. Select the clip to the left of the menu slide.

dvd map

3. Press the "Delete Key" on your keyboard.
4. Select the "Return" botton at the lower right to return to your iDVD project window. 

* Please test play your DVD to make sure that your entire movie was burned correctly onto the DVD.

Find additional Help and How-Tos for iDVD from Apple's web site.

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Last modified:
May 01, 2013