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Set up my Android for Email

NOTE: The steps below are just an example of how to configure Bowdoin email on Android devices. Each Android device may be different but the settings will be similar.  

Manual Setup--Select Email from the Main Menu

main screen

On the Set up email screen:

  • Enter your Bowdoin email address in the first field. 
  • Enter your Bowdoin email password in the second field. 
  • Click Manual Setup.

set up email screen

On the Exchange server settings screen:

  • Select Exchange account for type of account
  • in the Domain\Username field, enter  bowdoincollege\"username" - where "username" is your username (e.g., bowdoincollege\ngrant)
  • In the Password field, enter your password.
  • In the Exchange Server field, enter webmail.bowdoin.edu
  • Select Use secure connection (SSL)
  • Click Next.

exchange screen

On the Account options screen:

  • Select Automatic (Push) in the Email checking frequency field.
  • Select One week in the Amount to synchronize field.
  • Check Send email from this account by default, Notify me when email arrives, and Sync contacts from this account.
  • Click Next

account settings screen

On the Set up email screen:

  • Enter a name for the account (example: Bowdoin Email) in the Give this account a name (optional) field.
  • Enter your name in the next field.
  • Click Done.

email set up screen

Note: It may take a few minutes to fully sync all your messages to your inbox.

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Last modified:
Apr 25, 2014