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Acronis Access

Acronis Access is an application that provides a secure way for iPads to connect to Bowdoin's network file services (Microwave). In Acronis Access you can open files from the Microwave, create new folders, search for files and save files back to the Microwave from other applications. You can also annotate PDF files or edit Word and Excel files.

Getting Access to Acronis Access 
The Acronis Access Home Screen
Working with Files
Working with Multiple Files
Annotating PDFs
Opening and Editing Excel, Word and PowerPoint Files in the "Smart Office" editor
Sending Files from Other Applications on your iPad to the Microwave 

Before Using Acronis Access on an iPad:

1. You will be sent an email with directions for setting up and installing Acronis Access along with your 1 time passcode. Contact the IT Help Desk to request access or fill out a request form online.

2. Download the Acronis Access application from the Appstore. 

3. Use the settings you receive in the Acronis Access invitation email to configure the Acronis Access app to connect to the Microwave. (If you are off campus you must be connected to the VPN).

The Acronis Access Home Screen


  • Active File Drawer - shows all the files that you are working with.
  • Settings - Change application settings.
  • Clipboard - Used when copying or moving files.
  • Change sort order - Sort lists of files alphabetically, by folders, date modified etc.
  • Change the view to list view or thumb view.
  • Add to Folder - Refresh the view,Create a new folder, copy files from your iPad photo library or to rename a folder.
  • Action Menu - Select the action you would like to perform with the file or folder (preview, edit, open in, rename, delete..)

Working with Files:

When opening a file you can preview the file within Acronis Access.

  • Tap on the file and choose Preview from the menu. Mobile Echo can preview many types of files.

Renaming a file.

  • Tap on the file and choose Rename from the menu. 

Copying or Moving a file

  • Tap on the file and choose Move with Clipboard or Copy with Clipboard from the menu. 
  • In mobilEcho go to the folder you want to move the file to. 
  • Tap the Clipboard icon.
  • Tap the file you want to move.
  • Tap Paste.  

 Deleting a file

  • Tap on the file and choose Delete from the menu. 

Working with Multiple Files:

When moving or copying files they will first appear in the clipboard. The clipboard allows you to select the item(s) you'd like to copy or move, and then navigate to the the folder on Microwave and paste them in that folder. Tap the clipboard icon to see the clipboard.

NOTE: The Acronis Access client application clipboard works like a computer clipboard. If you copy files with the clipboard and have not get pasted them, then you select another see of files and copy them with the clipboard, the previously copied files will be cleared and replaced with the new file(s). No files are actually copied or moved unless you choose to paste them.

  • Tap the Edit button in the top right corner of the file browsing window.
Edit Button 
  • Select the files by tapping the box to the left.
  • Tap the Copy, Move or Delete button, at the bottom of the screen or use the Cancel button to exit Edit mode without making changes.
  • Go to the folder you want to move or copy the files to. Tap on the Clipboard. Tap on the files you want to move and tap Paste. 
Edit Screen   

Annotating PDFs in Acronis Access:

  • Tap on the PDF you want to open and choose Preview from the menu.
  • Tap and hold anywhere on the PDF to display a menu of options (Note, Highlight, Underline, Strikeout Copy)
  • Tap on the pencil in the top right corner for additional tools (Highlight, Finger Paint, Rectangle, Circle. Line, Arrow).
  • When you are finished with your annotations tap "Done" in the top left corner. 
  • You can choose to: Save the file with your annotations, Save a copy of the file with your annotations or discard the changes you made.



Opening and Editing Excel, Word and PowerPoint Files in the "Smart Office" editor.

Make sure you have the most recent version of Acronis Access. Check the App Store to see if there are any updates listed under "Updates" for Acronis Access.

Tap on a Word, Excel or Powerpoint file from the Microwave in Mobile Echo. 

Tap on Edit from the action menu. Your file will open in the Smart Office editor. Double-tap on some text to open the menu for text formatting. From there you can:   

  • Make the selected text Bold.
  • Make the selected text Italic.
  • Underline the selected text.
  • Change the font and/or font size.
  • Change the color of the selected text.
  • Add a background color (highlight) to the selected text.
  • Select a text alignment (left, right, center).
  • Add numbered or bulleted indentations.


To insert an image, tap the Add button and select Image. A popup appears showing your available folders containing images. Tap on the desired image. You can also add Shapes, but only to PowerPoint presentations. 


Save  your changes by tapping on the File button. Tap on the Save button. Choose Overwrite Original File or Rename and Save depending on your preference.


Sending Files from Other Applications on your iPad to the Microwave

 The Acronis Access application allows files from other iPad applications (Goodreader, Documents to Go, iAnnotate) to be sent to Acronis Access. This is done using the "Open In" feature of those applications. 

1. When you open a file in mobilEcho from another application, the file first goes into the Acronis Access File Inbox.

2. Tap the File Inbox.

3. Tap the file you want to put on the Microwave.

4. Choose Copy with Clipboard or Move with Clipboard. The file is now in mobilEcho’s Clipboard.

5. In mobilEcho, go to the folder on the Microwave that you want to move the file to.

6. Tap the Clipboard icon.

7. Tap on the file you want to move.

8. Tap Paste. The file is now moved from your iPad to Microwave.

 Note: Not all applications have an "Open in" feature.

Document author:
Last modified:
Mar 27, 2015