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How to move your data from EchoDrive to IceBox

Bowdoin IT has recently made a change in our sync and share software offerings which will better allow faculty, staff and students the opportunity to share and collaborate with each other as well as with colleagues outside of the Bowdoin community. In doing so we need to bring all accounts from EchoDrive into our new service named IceBox. Unfortunately, due to security restrictions, the software does not allow us to move your data for you. The following instructions will walk you through moving your data from one location to the other easily with the activEcho Desktop Sync Client. The old EchoDrive URL will be retired at the end of business day on Friday, February 28, 2014.

1. Log in to IceBox to create your account

The first step is to log in to the new service with your Bowdoin username and password. This will create your account and allow the rest of the processes to work.

If you have no data to move or don't want to move any data from EchoDrive into IceBox and have no need for the data on EchoDrive any longer, you may stop here. Otherwise, follow the next few steps in order to download, install and configure the sync client, sync your EchoDrive data to your computer and then reconfigure and sync back to IceBox.

2. Install the activEcho Desktop Sync Client Software

  • While logged in, click on the small triangle to the right of your email address in the upper-right corner of the screen.
  • From the list of options, click on Download activEcho Desktop Client.
  • The application that is downloaded will be appropriate to the operating system you are currently using

3. Install Desktop Sync Client

  • For instructions on installing the Desktop Client in Windows, click here
  • For instructions on installing the Desktop Client in OS X, click here
  • Do not configure the client as instructed on those pages yet as there is a minor change that will need to be made first in order to sync to EchoDrive initially.

4. Sync Files and Folders From EchoDrive

Using the instructions on the web pages referred to above, configure your sync client as described, with one exception. You will want to change the Server Url to https://echodrive.bowdoin.edu.  Doing this will allow all of your files and folders from EchoDrive to be synced to the folder you have chosen on your local computer.
As soon as you save your configuration, the client will start to download all of your files. The application icon will change to have a green checkmark on it when the files have all been synced. In OS X, if you click on the icon in the mennu bar you should also see the words "All files up to date". In Windows, if you hover your mouse over the icon in your Task Bar you should see the words "activecho - up to date".

5. Sync Files and Folders to IceBox

After the initial sync has completed, open the preferences to your Desktop Client once more. Refer to the web pages from step 3 above if you need to. Change the server URL to https://icebox.bowdoin.edu and close your preferences. The items will now sync back up into IceBox.

Open up a web browser and log back in to IceBox to verify that your files are indeed there. Once again, the new address is https://icebox.bowdoin.edu.

Once you have verified that your files are syncing with IceBox, you can now feel free to copy additional files or folders into your sync folder in the future and those items will be pushed up into IceBox for future access. You can also use the web interface to add ro download files while your away from your computer (in a computer lab, on your mobile device, etc).

6. (Optional) Change The Server URL on the Mobile App

If you have used (or would like to use) the MobilEcho mobile device app to access your files, be sure to update your Server Address to https://icebox.bowdoin.edu:8043. For detailed instructions on that process, look here.

Notes About File and Folder Sharing

unfortunately we can not move any sharing preferences that you may have set in EchoDrive. If you have shared files or folders with others, either on or off campus, you will need to re-share those items. If you have shared with others off campus, when you re-send the sharing invitation they will need to create a new account to log in to IceBox.

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Last modified:
Feb 19, 2014