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Using Bowdoin's List Management System (MailMan)

Mailman is a  list management system. This system is completely web-based for ease of use, and allows list administrators to edit their membership with an easy to use, graphical interface as well as offering many other list features. If you would like to create a new mailing list or have questions, contact the I.T. Help Desk at 3030 or submit a Help Ticket.

Logging into Mailman

Changing the list password

Adding Members to a mailing list

Removing members from a list

Editing an e-mail address on a list

Logging into mailman

Type in the Mailman List management web address (http://list.bowdoin.edu/mailman/admin/) followed by the name of your list, for example: http://list.bowdoin.edu/mailman/admin/bookgroup
This will take you directly to the login screen for your list.

Type in the password to enter the mailing list administration page for your list.

Click the "Let me in..." button. You will arrive at the "General Options" screen for your list.

Changing the list password

Under the General Options page click on "Passwords"

Type your "new password"

Type in your "new password" again to confirm it.

Click the "submit your changes" button

(If you would like to have a moderator who cannot make any chages to your list you can set a moderator password as well here.)

Adding members to a mailing list:

Click on the "Membership Management" link located at the top of the General Options

Click on "Mass Subscription".

Type in an e-mail address for each member of the list. You must hit the Enter key after each e-mail address you type.

Click the "Submit Your Changes" button when you have finished typing in the e-mail list of e-mails. The e-mail addresses will be added to the membership list.

Removing members from a list:

Click on the "Membership Management" link located at the top of the General Options

Locate the e-mail address that you want to remove.

Click on the "unsubcr" check box next to the name of the person you want to remove.

Click the "Submit Your Changes" button and the e-mail address will be removed from the list.

Editing an e-mail address on a list:

To edit an e-mail in a list you need to remove that person from the list first.

Follow steps "Removing members from a list" above for removing a member from the list.

Follow steps "Adding Members to a mailing list" to add the member back to the list with the edited e-mail address

Make sure to click the "Submit Your Changes" button when you are finished.

For assistance please call the IT Help Desk at x3030.

Document author:
Juli Haugen
Last modified:
Oct 01, 2009