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Bowdoin E-mail Lists

The following administrative e-mail mailing lists are currently active. These lists are updated automatically.  Only faculty and staff who have an e-mail address printed in the Directory or in the On-line Directory  are certain to be on these lists. New names are added to the database when new accounts are created.

The use of these lists is limited to official College business and announcements. It is the responsibility of the sender to use these lists judiciously.

To send to a list, address your e-mail to the list's address. Example: to send e-mail to all support staff, address your e-mail to "support_staff@bowdoin.edu".

Please Note: You must use your Bowdoin email account (no Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc.) to send to campus lists. Using Webmail is the safest way from off campus to make sure your email reaches the desired list. 

Tips and Guidelines for use of these lists are available online. Errors or omissions should be reported to the HelpDesk at x3030

Digests (A collection of news sent out each night at 12:00AM)

A digest is like a newsletter. People can submit postings to digests anytime throughout the day. Postings can be college news, announcements and other general information.  To make a post to the digest visit www.bowdoin.edu/digests.

List Description Approx. # of Recipients
Faculty-Staff Digest
(Please read important guidelines!)
All Employees (Faculty-Staff Digest mailed every 24 hrs at 12:00 AM 750 
Student Digest
(Please read important guidelines!)
All Students (including a cc list of interested administrative officers)

Moderated Lists (require moderator's intervention):

Moderated lists require the approval of the moderator. Advance planning is required since approval may depend on the office hours and schedules of the moderators.

List Description Approx. # of Recipients
all_employees@bowdoin.edu For highly critical time sensitive broadcasts. Moderator: Office of the Treasurer 750 
all_students@bowdoin.edu Sent to all matriculated students - anyone who has not graduated or resigned, any student on any sort of leave, medical, disciplinary, etc is included as well as all students on study away. Moderator: Office of the Dean of Student Affairs. 2000
students_in_residence@bowdoin.edu Sent only to those students attending courses at Bowdoin for the current semester.  Moderator: Office of the Dean of Student Affairs. 1,800
class<nn>@bowdoin.edu Current class year students including study-aways. Moderator: Student Activities 425-475 each 
all_faculty@bowdoin.edu  All Faculty Moderator: Office for the Dean for Academic Affairs 243
admin_staff@bowdoin.edu Administrative Staff (Exempt Staff). Moderator: Human Resources 200 
support_staff@bowdoin.edu Support Staff (Non-exempt staff). Moderator: Human Resources 302
dept_coord@bowdoin.edu  Academic Department Coordinators: Moderator: Office for the Dean for Academic Affairs 24
dept_chairs@bowdoin.edu  Academic Department Chairs Moderator: Office for the Dean for Academic Affairs 29
admin_sec@bowdoin.edu  Administrative Secretaries Moderator: Human Resources 37
admin_managers@bowdoin.edu  Administrative Managers Moderator: Human Resources 95
Document author:
Juli Haugen
Last modified:
Nov 05, 2014