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Configuring the Bowdoin Address Book in Thunderbird for Windows

The Bowdoin address book will work only while your computer is on campus. If you need to use the Bowdoin address book from home you will need to use the Virtual Private Network (VPN).

1. To check your address book settings in Thunderbird on a PC, go to Tools > Options

2. Click Composition and choose the Addressing Tab

address tab

3. Choose Edit Directories

edit directories

4. Highlight the directory and choose Edit:

select and edit

5. Select the General Tab:

general tab

a) Make sure you have entered the following information:  

  • Name: Bowdoin Directory
  • Hostname: bowdoincollege.edu
  • Base DN: ou=people,dc=bowdoincollege,dc=edu
  • Port Number: 636
  • Bind DN: username@bowdoincollege.edu (username is your Bowdoin username)
  • Check: Use secure connection (SSL)

    b) Click Ok three times.

    c) When you write a message for the first time, it will ask for your password for bowdoincollege.edu.

    d) Enter your email password and check "Use password manager to remember this password"

    6. Then go to Tools >Account Settings >Composition & Addressing. Make sure Bowdoin Directory is chosen here as well:

    account settings

    account settings dialog

    The Bowdoin address book will now auto populate when you address an email.

    Document author:
    Juli Haugen
    Last modified:
    Nov 20, 2009