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Macintosh Mail on OSX 10.6

The  settings for Mac Mail work the same for computers on and off campus.

Creating and Configuring an Account in Mac Mail:

  • Open "Mail"
  • If Mac Mail does not ask you to create a new account click on the "Mail" menu and choose "Preferences..."
  • Click on the "Accounts" icon at the top of the window.
  • Click on the "plus (+) sign" to create a new account.

Accounts window

  • At the next window, type in your Name, your Bowdoin Email Address and your email Password.
  • Click "Continue"

new account window

  • At the next window, choose "Exchange 2007" from the "Account Type" pull down menu.
  • Type a name for this account in the Description field,  (e.g.,. Bowdoin or Bowdoin email)
  • Type "webmail07.bowdoin.edu" for the Incoming Mail Server (Note: This is a temporary address. When your mailbox is moved to the Exchange 2010 server in the summer of 2010, the address will return to webmail.bowdoin.edu).
  • Type in your Bowdoin email Username and Password.
  • If you would like your iCal calendar and Address Book to synchronize with Exchange server, check these boxes as well.
  • Click "Continue"

Exchange settings

  • At the next window, click "Create."

new account summary window

This set-up will not overwrite any other accounts in Mac Mail.

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Last modified:
Jun 03, 2010