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Macintosh Mail - Configuring the Bowdoin Address Book

Bowdoin computers that use Mac Mail already have the Bowdoin address book setup correctly. You can check your settings by following the steps below. Please note: the Bowdoin address book will work only while your computer is on campus. If you need to use the Bowdoin address book from home you will need to use the Virtual Private Network (VPN).

1. To check your address book settings in Mac Mail, go to the Mail Menu > Preferences.

2. Click Composing and under the Addressing section check the Automatically complete addresses box, and click on Configure LDAP:

composing dialog

3. After you have selected Configure LDAP, the following screen should appear with the current Bowdoin address book:

Select Edit

4. (In the unlikely event you do not see the Bowdoin address book listed, click the “+” to add the information listed above.)

5. Click Edit:

6. The Server Info window appears:

Server Info

7. Enter the following information:

a) Name: Bowdoin Directory
b) Server: bowdoincollege.edu
c) Port: 636
d) Check: Use SSL
e) Check: Allow self-signed certificates
f) Search Base: ou=people,dc=bowdoincollege,dc=edu
g) Scope: Subtree
h) Authentication: Simple
i) User name: username@bowdoincollege.edu (use your Bowdoin username)
j) Password: email password

8. Close the Composing window.

The Bowdoin address book will now auto populate when you address an email. You shouldn't need to restart Mac Mail for these changes to take place.

Document author:
Abbie Brown
Last modified:
Nov 20, 2009