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Scratch Space Student Team

The Scratch Space multimedia specialists staff the Scratch Space 59 hours each week. They are a dedicated team of students interested in multimedia, and are equipped with a wide variety of technological skill including; photo editing, digital video, iOS application programming, website creation, digital design and more. Have a video project you need help getting started? Trying to make an eye-catching poster for an event? Swing down to the basement of H-L Library and visit the Scratch Space where you will find a specialist waiting to meet you. (They are also masters of the paperjam!)


Garrett Carver ‘17

Garrett is a First-Year from Rumford, Maine, and is considering a major in Biochemistry with the hopes of pursuing a career in research. He enjoys following politics, playing soccer, and working with computers. Garrett has been interested in technology since elementary school, where he would be found after class playing strategy games such as Civilization and Age of Empires. He has taken several video editing classes, and has experience with Final Cut, iMovie, and GarageBand. Hoping to learn programming, Garrett has invested in an Arduino and looks forward to taking computer science classes. 


Will conover '17

Will is an undeclared freshman who loves all things technology. Growing up in Midcoast Maine, he developed a quick interest for computers, and he especially loves tinkering with Garageband and Final Cut Pro.  He is a bass in the Bowdoin Longfellows and loves to spend long afternoons singing low notes to himself, sometimes recording such endeavors. Will loves to travel and explore exciting, far-off lands like the sandy beaches of the Bahamas or the canals of Venice.  His academic interests span from Arabic to Neuroscience and he really has no clue what he wants to do with his life!  


Sky Monaco '16

Sky is a Sophomore from Jersey. Although undeclared, Sky has essentially decided on a Government & Philosophy double major with a minor in French. He has had proficient experience with almost every version of Adobe Photoshop, and has been using it with a digital pen tablet since middle school to create various odd works of "art." He is also comfortably familiar with multiple video editing software programs for both Mac and PC. He has used Final Cut Pro to help both his family and peers with their own projects, and has spent (too many) hours fooling around with Sony Vegas. Typically, if Sky is not working diligently in the Scratch Space area, he is at either Thorne Dining Hall or Smith Union. Please approach Sky with any tech/non-tech related questions and he will be happy to assist you  

Colin Swords

Matt Rasmussen ‘14

A Pre-Med student majoring in Chemistry, Matt’s interests in digital media go as far back as middle school, where he made fake horror movie trailers using iMovie and wacky music in GarageBand. His work with the Bowdoin Poster Design Team, and photography for the Orient has given him the opportunity to become quite skilled in Photoshop, and he’s showcased his skills by creating posters for the Scratch Space. Though his main focus is medicine, Matt believes that digital media can be integrated in just about any area and hopes to always be involved with it in some capacity.

Chris Robleto

Chris Robleto ‘14

Chris is a senior from Los Angeles, California majoring in Psychology and Latin American Studies. He spends his free time learning to play the guitar, playing board games, and following the Dodgers. Besides being a Scratch Space Multimedia Specialist, Chris is also a dispatcher for the Bowdoin Shuttle, a lab assistant, and a Spanish tutor. Feel free to drop by the Scratch Space to ask him for help with any of your multimedia software/hardware queries.

Luis Rosias

Luis Rosias ‘15

Luis is a Computer Science major and a junior at Bowdoin College. He is passionate about web and app development and competitive gaming. He is leading an initiative to bring competitive gaming to Bowdoin and provide students with a place to come play a multitude of games with other students. He greatly enjoys movies, books, winning video game/card game tournaments, and playing games with friends. He wants to go on to become a programmer and help develop "the next big thing.".

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