Scratch Space Student Team

The Scratch Space multimedia specialists staff the Scratch Space 59 hours each week. They are a dedicated team of students interested in multimedia, and are equipped with a wide variety of technological skill including; photo editing, digital video, iOS application programming, website creation, digital design and more. Have a video project you need help getting started? Trying to make an eye-catching poster for an event? Swing down to the basement of H-L Library and visit the Scratch Space where you will find a specialist waiting to meet you. (They are also masters of the paperjam!)


Benjamin Wei '13

Meet Benjamin Wei, a senior from Laytonsville, MD, and a Sociology major and Economics minor. Upon graduation, Ben would like to be in the finance industry. He enjoys reading as well as playing and watching sports. One day he hopes to be brave enough to go skydiving … he knows he isn't anywhere close to that level of courage now, but is confident he will get there. Ben's greatest unrealistic ambition is to go into space.


Brian Jacobel '14

Brian is a junior doing a double major in Math and Computer Science. Besides the Scratch Space, he holds several other jobs, including a computer science teaching assistant, a photographer and editor for the Bowdoin Orient, and a contributor to Bowdoin's Communications Department publications. In his free time, Brian likes to take pictures, and also to code, both as part of Robocup and on his own projects. He's passionate about web and iOS development, Photoshop, Linux, photos, Bowdoin, computer science and much, much more.

Chloe Huang

Chloe Huang ‘13

Chloe defines happiness as reading a good book while listening to good music, and drinking good coffee. An English and Theatre major, her dreams are of working in the film and theatre industry as a playwright and actor. Outside of class, Chloe can also be found at the Scratch Space, where her media strength is in Photoshop, and in the Center for Learning and Teaching, where she’s a mentor for the Baldwin Program. A passion of hers is traveling, and someday she will visit Vienna, and also take her grandmother to Budapest. Should you decide to travel to Paris with Chloe, be sure to be well versed in French, or you may just be eating croissants your entire trip!

Matt Rasmussen

Matt Rasmussen ‘14

A Pre-Med student majoring in Chemistry, Matt’s interests in digital media go as far back as middle school, where he made fake horror movie trailers using iMovie and wacky music in GarageBand. His work with the Bowdoin Poster Design Team, and photography for the Orient has given him the opportunity to become quite skilled in Photoshop, and he’s showcased his skills by creating posters for the Scratch Space. Though his main focus is medicine, Matt believes that digital media can be integrated in just about any area and hopes to always be involved with it in some capacity.

Terranicia Holmes

Terranicia Holmes '13

Along with being an expert paper jam fixer in the Scratch Space, Terranicia works in the Student Fellowships and Research office as a student office assistant. A major of Africana Studies and English from Atlanta, GA, she has her sights on obtaining her PhD and becoming a professor of Sociology. She’s adventurous and will someday go skydiving and travel to many places, including Brazil, India and the UK. In her quiet time, you will usually find her reading, listening to music, trying new foods, and using her favorite apps: Evernote, Google Reader and Tumblr.

Youngshim R. Hwang

Youngshim R. Hwang '13

Youngshim likes to dip into all sorts of media, including painting, writing for the Orient's A&E section, drawing comics for her blog,, and of course, digital media. She is originally from Northern California but attended an international high school in South Korea. As a Government major and graduating senior, she hopes to pursue a career in marketing, or something creative and analytical. When she isn't obsessively following the news and blog posts on the Internet, she is dreaming of the perfect chocolate chip cookie and listening to musical theater.