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Apple's newest operating system, 10.8 Mountain Lion, includes new security technologies to keep you and your computer safe. Gatekeeper will allow you to install applications purchased through the Mac App Store or those signed by a valid Apple Developer ID by default. While the default settings can be overridden, we do not recommend changing those settings.

Installing Bowdoin Applications

Some of the applications and printer drivers available from Bowdoin's website will not install in a traditional manner if a Mountain Lion computer is configured with the default settings. If you run into an error like the one shown below, there is an easy workaround which will allow you to complete the installation.

Gatekeeper Error


  • Locate the installer package for the software or printer driver
  • Hold down the Control (CTRL) key and click or double-click to launch the installer.

We are working both internally and with our third-party vendors to obtain digitally signed installers so that this workaround won't be needed. We want all students, faculty and staff to have and maintain a secure and healthy computer environment and will continue to work to accomplish this.

You can find more information on Gatekeeper and all of Apple's security technologies here.

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Last modified:
Aug 28, 2012