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Folder Access Permissions Audit Report

Folder Permission Reports

Folder Permission Reports are distributed to Data Owners periodically and upon request in order to verify that the right people have the right access to folders assigned to their area of responsibility.  Generally there is one report for each department.  These reports reflect who has access to the department's folder on the "Microwave" server.  It is recommended an audit take place at least annually. 

To request a report, contact IT Security at:

Email: itsecurity@bowdoin.edu
Phone:  207-725-3471


The report is not necessarily intuitive to interpret.  For an explanation, see a mock-up report with instructions.  For further assistance, please contact IT Security.

Business Systems Permission Reports

Some reports will only include group memberships, with no server folders.  These groups are not used to access files, but instead various business systems.

The Data Owner, in conjunction with the Data Custodian, should be aware of and validate these assignments as well.  An annual audit of these groups is recommended.  Contact IT Security for assistance.

Audit Findings

Upon completing the audit, findings should be forwarded to the IT Security Officer (itsecurity@bowdoin.edu).  The result may be changes need to be made.  Please contact Bowdoin IT Security at:

Email: itsecurity@bowdoin.edu
Phone:  207-725-3471

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Oct 02, 2009