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If a Network or Computer Intrusion is Suspected

Signs of network or computer intrusion.

1.  Disconnect your computer from the network:

  •   Unplug the network cable.
  •   Disable the wireless card.
  •   Contact IT Help Desk (207-725-3030) for assistance if needed.

2.  Fill out the Incident Report and send to IT Security (from a different computer).  Determine if restricted data is involved and report immediately to itsecurity@bowdoin.edu.

3.  Change your Bowdoin log-on password (from a different computer).

4.  Faculty and staff should notify their manager or department head.

5.  Do not turn off your machine or reboot, unless instructed by IT Security.

6.  Do not use the computer after it has been disconnected from the network, unless OKed by IT Security.

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Last modified:
Dec 16, 2009