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Information and Technology

For Faculty

Information Technology works with faculty to enhance their teaching and research via technology. We provide the level of support you need, from quick consultation to full-fledged project development. Let us know how we can help.


Every classroom has technology. If you have additional software or hardware needs that would benefit your class, please contact us. Faculty initiative has led to the use of clickers (personal response systems) and Tablet PCs at Bowdoin.

Want to engage students with an exercise that uses technology? We will work with you to customize the technology for your class and provide any training and support to your students. We regularly support course projects that use Video, GIS, Excel, and digital recording and analysis of interviews.

Larger technology projects to benefit your courses may be submitted to the TAP process for review. Example projects: Japanese Gardens, and the Maine Watershed Web.

Every summer IT offers Workshops for Faculty that focus on a particular technology and its pedagogical implications. In the past we've offered workshops on Blended Learning with Blackboard, Multimedia Narratives, and Visualization. We welcome your suggestions for future workshops.

Contact Tina Finneran at cfinnera@bowdoin.edu or 725-3897.


IT's support of faculty research is as diverse as the research itself.

We provide an array of specialized software that is used for research. Training and support for ArcGIS and NVivo qualitative data analysis are offered. Targeted trainings can be arranged per request.

For computationally intensive research, Bowdoin has Computational Computing resources for faculty and students.

We can also support data management, analysis, visualization, and dissemination for research projects. For example, we assisted with the visualization and sharing of data from the Bowdoin Buoy Facility.

Technology projects to facilitate your research may be submitted to the TAP process for review. We also have summer student funding for research projects that involved technology through the Gibbons Summer Research Program.

Contact Tina Finneran at cfinnera@bowdoin.edu or 207-725-3897.


Do you have a project idea or request related to your teaching or research that involves technology? We'd like to talk with you about it.

Information Technology has a formalized process for faculty projects called TAP. IT staff are available to help you frame out the technology component for an internal TAP proposal or any external grant proposal, such as NEH's Digital Humanities grants.

The Gibbons Summer Research Program funds students to work with faculty on projects that use technology to explore interdisciplinary areas and to develop fresh approaches to the study of complex problems.

You may want to peruse Selected Projects on the left.

Contact Tina Finneran at cfinnera@bowdoin.edu or 725-3897.

Faculty Web Pages

All faculty at Bowdoin have two web spaces.  Your Bowdoin faculty page is your official page.  Faculty pages are standardized and must contain this basic information:

  • Name, title and contact information
  • Current courses being taught

In addition, we can help you craft a more robust page with biographical information, research interests, projects, etc.  The depth of the page is entirely up to you.   Generally, there is a short introductory section and then a tabbed box that contains additional information.  An example faculty page can be found here:  bowdoin.edu/faculty/c/cjudd

Please contact David Israel (disrael@bowdoin.edu) for assistance with your faculty page.

Additionally, you can submit information for you Faculty Page using [ this form ].

Personal Web Space

In addition to your official faculty page, Information and Technology provides a personal web space to be used at your discretion.   Information on personal web space can be found on the Information and Technology site.


Several members of Information Technology's staff are specifically focused on supporting faculty’s technology needs. We provide services and work on projects in conjunction with staff from the Library, Communications, and IT to support the academic mission of Bowdoin College.

Tina Finneran, Director of Academic Technology & Consulting Tina Finneran

305 Hawthorne-Longfellow Hall

  • Classroom Technology Planning
  • TAP project & grant proposals
  • Data Analytical Software (e.g., NVivo, Qualtrics)

David N. IsraelDavid N. Israel, Academic Technology and New Media Consultant
324 McLellan

  • Faculty Pages
  • Web Projects
  • WordPress
  • E-Commerce
  • Mapping

Dj Merrill, Technology Consultant for the Sciences & Research Dj Merrill
8 Hubbard Hall

  • Faculty in the Sciences
  • Computational Computing
  • Linux support

Jennifer Snow, Educational Research Consultant Jennifer Snow
304 Hawthorne-Longfellow Hall

Sam Tarr, Public Computing Services AssociateSam Tarr
16D Coles Tower

  • Classroom Computers and Software
  • Lab Computers and Software
  • Software Licensing and Deployment

Kevin Travers, Academic Multimedia Producer & Consultant
324 McLellan

  • Video
  • Motion Graphics
  • Animation