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Bowdoin Wireless Upgrade to WPA2 Enterprise to Increase Security, Monday October 11

Story posted October 07, 2010

Bowdoin has had wireless since 2002. Wireless is located all over campus including dorms and off campus locations such as Fort Andross and the Coastal Studies Center.

Starting Monday, October 11 at 8:30am Bowdoin is using more secure wireless (WPA2 Enterprise). To connect, you need to accept a security certificate on your device (laptop, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android) and type in your Bowdoin username and password. If you use Windows XP there are some other settings you will need to change.

There are a few devices that cannot use the new wireless. These tend to be gaming consoles, eReaders and older equipment. These devices will be registered at the Help Desk and will be able to connect to BOWDOIN-LEGACY for wireless.

Over this summer a guest wireless network was implemented providing wireless access for visitors of the college. You will see this in your wireless list as BOWDOIN-GUEST. BOWDOIN-GUEST has limited bandwidth, expires in 24 hours and does not have access to all Bowdoin resources.

For more information and for directions connecting to Bowdoin wireless please visit: