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Think Before You Ink - Note Taking

Story posted April 21, 2010

Paper notes are quick, easy, and portable, but they present several problems. They are easily lost amid our daily torrent of paper. Old notes are hard to find, particularly if they were made on the go and filed in haste. Finally, paper notes can waste a tremendous amount of paper, and thus trees, in the long term.

The solution is digital note taking into a virtual "everything box". Watch fans of digital note taking.

New digital note taking software is easy to use and fast. Your digital notes are automatically and instantly synced across all of your devices -- your phone, your laptop, your computer -- and thus always with you. Most importantly, you never have to file or organize your notes and you will never lose a note because digtal notes are searchable and the search results are immediate.

OneNote (
Evernote ( - PC, Mac, Web, iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, and more
Simplenote ( - Web, iPhone, iPad
Notational Velocity ( - Mac, can automatically sync with Simplenote

Note: Because your notes may be hosted by a third party, it is important not to post any confidential or sensitive information with the above programs. 

“It's actually a little bit painful every time I do take paper notes, because I know they will be harder to find later.” — Christopher Tucker ’12