Information and Technology

Voice Mail Upgrade

Story posted October 20, 2010

Voicemail will soon be upgraded to provide Bowdoin faculty, staff and students with a flexible and secure voicemail system. The upgrade will integrate email, calendar and voicemail. In some ways, it will act almost like a personal assistant. For example, if you are late for a meeting, you can call voicemail and verbally command the system to send an email message to meeting particpants letting them know you will be late. The upgraded voicemail system will offer speech-to-text "best effort" previews of voicemails in your email. This feature will enable users to "see" important voicemail messages while in a meeting or if unable to answer a call.

The upgraded voicemail system has been tested for about a month and an expanded pilot group from the campus community will begin testing the system in the next few weeks. The upgraded voicemail will have a lot of interesting and useful features.