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Windows Users: Avoid Antivirus and Spyware Scams

Story posted February 25, 2010

A growing trend among scam artists and identity thieves is the use of antivirus and spyware scams convincing people to purchase antivirus software.

This scam  often appears first as a pop-up box that claims a number of viruses have been detected on your computer. It will also display a false scan report. You will be asked to download and install the program and then to click "agree or "cancel"  Don't do this!! Please call the Help Desk if you get antivirus warnings like this:

antivirus scam


The best way to protect yourself and your computer from scams like these is to be aware of them and to not click on excessive popup windows that appear on your computer. Do not click on anything if asked.

If you encounter this at home you can use a free spyware removal tool called Malware Bytes. This can be downloaded for free at

A new threat that comes under the guise of a genuine antivirus program has become increasingly prevalent over the past year. Offering to locate and remove malware from your PC, this rogue will actually install a Trojan on your unsuspecting system. The process is usually initiated when you click a link for what you believe is valid security software or its vendor's site.
— Jason Whittaker, PC World Magazine