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Not In Use? Turn off the Juice! Shut Down Your Computer During the Holiday Closure

Story posted December 22, 2009

Before you head out for the holidays, be sure to shut down your computer. Based on an average computer and LCD monitor energy use, you could save roughly 22 lbs of CO2 by shutting off your computer during the 12 days of break. This is a quick and easy way to save energy and money, and the savings can add up if everyone does this. So, before you head out, be sure to turn off your computer, monitor, and any other devices (printers, scanners, etc) that you might have in the office.

For more Eco-tips, please visit the Sustainable Bowdoin website.

A popular myth holds that leaving lights, computers, and other appliances on uses less energy than turning them off and also makes them last longer. In reality, the small surge of power created when some devices are turned on is vastly smaller than the energy used by running the device when it is not needed.
— "Eleven Energy Myths: From Efficient Halogen Lights to Cleaning Refrigerator Coils", Lawrence Berkeley National Labs