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Training "To Go" in Smith Union

Story posted September 24, 2009

On Thursday, September 24, Information Technology offered a new program called "IT To Go." According to Tina Finneran, Manager of Education and Research Consulting, the event was designed to reach a broad audience who might prefer a "demo" or "how to get started" style of Information Technology training, and to provide an introduction to some of Information Technology's longer training sessions. It was also an opportunity to educate people about tools (either created by Bowdoin or free applications) that are useful and easy to use.

This all-day workshop consisted of continuous 15 minute training sessions on a wide variety of topics:

  • Creating a 5-Minute Video
  • Photoshop
  • Create and Edit PDFs
  • iPhone apps
  • Multimedia with Powerpoint
  • Collaborative Writing
  • Switch to a Mac
  • Online Surveys
  • Windows Shortcuts
  • Organize your E-Mailbox
  • Store & Back-up Files on the Microwave
  • Wireless Access for your Computer & Mobile Devices
  • Google Maps & Street View
  • OneNote for your Class or Project Notes
  • Geotagging
  • Mac Shortcuts
  • Blackboard for Campus Organizations
  • Keep your Files and Passwords Secure
  • Online Sign-Up Sheets

The event was held in Morrell Lounge to allow faculty, staff and students to drop in for as little or as long as they wanted.  In cooperation with the To Go Training, Jack McGee's Grill offered up a tasty Bits & Bytes Quesadilla with a side of Wi Fi Fries.

 "We wanted to reach a wider audience. Some people don't necessarily want to come to a formal, hands-on training class. They prefer to get a quick overview of the software and learn the details on their own."
— Tina Finneran, Manager of Education and Research Consulting

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