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Windows Users: Get a Direct Path to Network Files through the H Drive

Story posted October 20, 2009

If you use a Windows computer, you may have noticed that there are two network drives that go to the same place: G and H.  Both drives go to your personal file space; the G drive just takes a longer route.  This can be confusing! 

On November 1, Information Technology will phase out the G drive.  This means that you will only see one place, the H drive, to put your work and personal files.  We hope that this will eliminate any confusion. The H drive is still the place to store files that are only accessible to you.  Please stay tuned for more information on the transition. In the meantime, if you do not already use the H drive, it will save you one click.

If you were using the G drive, don't worry! Your files are still there -- you'll just be taking a more direct path to get to them. More information on network drives can be found here.

If you have questions, please contact the Information Technology Help Desk at or x3030.

According to Steven Blanc, Information Technology Security Officer, the phasing out of the G drive is a good thing all around. "In my travels, very few people know the difference between the two drives, and that technically they go to the same place," says Steve. The goal is to reduce the confusion about storage areas, and to make their uses (and security levels) clear.

G drive transition improves security