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ISLE Program

ISLE Program Schedules and Application Information

ISLE welcomes applicants from ISLE consortium colleges, as well as from students from outside the ISLE consortium. Academically strong and highly motivated candidates who can adjust to, empathize with, and reap academic benefits from intensive exposure to a significantly different social, cultural, and material environment are encouraged to apply.

Interested students from ISLE consortium college are encouraged to consult with their college's ISLE Program Campus Representative and off-campus study or study abroad office. These representatives and offices have copies of the ISLE Program informational materials and application forms. Students attending colleges outside the ISLE consortium should contact Dr. Sree Padma Holt, ISLE Program Executive Director.

 Application materials for the ISLE Fall and Spring Programs are available for download below. You can also begin the application online.

*If you have already completed the online application form, we will be in touch with you to complete the proccess. Those who wish to may download the full application below and send it to your Campus Representative or the ISLE Office.*

ISLE Program Information

Applications are accepted from December 1-March 7 for the Fall 2015 program and December 1-October 7 (following year) for the Spring program

ISLE application and informational materials are also available from all ISLE Consortium college Campus Faculty Representatives and off-campus study offices.