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ISLE Program

Study Center and Administration

The ISLE Program Study Center, located in Dangolla, is the hub of program activity. It contains an extensive library collection -- now numbering over 4,000 titles -- which supports ISLE's diverse academic course offerings. The library is open at least six days a week during daylight hours. The center extends lending privileges only to ISLE students. According to University of Peradeniya faculty, it is now one of the very best English language libraries in upcountry Sri Lanka. Library privileges for ISLE students are also extended through an arrangement with the International Center for Ethnic Studies (ICES) and on a more limited basis with the University of Peradeniya.

Study Center

ISLE Program Study Center, Kandy, Sri Lanka (campus representatives visiting the center in the foreground)

The ISLE Program Study Center also contains an outdoor pavillion or classroom where language classes are conducted, a study room with multi-media equipment, a collection of contemporary American literature and travel guides, and a beautiful and expansive garden.

ISLE classroom

An outdoor classroom at the ISLE Center.


ISLE Center Study room.

The Center also houses the program's business office, and is the residence of the Faculty Director, the Program Assistant(s), and some of the program staff.


         ISLE Program Administrators 


TudorKalinga Tudor Silva is ISLE's continuing Onsite Director.  He is a Senior Professor of Sociology at University of Peradeniya,  and served as a member of the ISLE teaching  staff for over 25 years. He has served as a visiting professor in a number of current and former ISLE colleges, including Bowdoin College, Hobart and William Smith Colleges and Whittier College. His research interests include ethnicity, caste, development, social aspects of health and social problems. His latest book, “Decolonisation, Development and Disease: A Social History of Malaria in Sri Lanka” was published by Orient Blackswan in March 2014. 


Dr. Sree Padma Holt is ISLE's Executive Director. Her office is located at the program's agency institution (Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine). With the program's Faculty Board of Directors and the Onsite Director, she is responsible for all aspects of program planning and implementation. She can be contacted for any questions about the program.

The ISLE Program is incorporated as ISLE Program (Guarantee) Ltd. in Sri Lanka and ISLE (USA) Inc. in the USA.

The Board of Directors of the ISLE USA Inc. also known as the “Administrators Board” consists of the administrative heads or their nominees representing each of the consortium member colleges. The Chairperson held by one of the board directors, rotates each year.  The Chairperson for the year 2013-14 is Dean Beverley Nagel from Carleton College.  Other directors are as follow: President Barry Mills from Bowdoin, Dean Stephen Sawyer from Bates, Ms. Nancy Downey from Colby, Carolyn O'Grady from Gustavus Interim Dean Margaret Freije from Holy Cross, and Provost Thomas Stephenson from Swarthmore Colleges. 

The Board of Directors for the ISLE Sri Lanka (Guarantee) Ltd. is also known as the “Faculty Board.” The members of the Faculty Board are the Executive Director of the ISLE Program, and one nominee from each of the member colleges. The Chairperson held by one of the directors of the “Faculty Board” rotates each year.  The Chairperson for 2013-14 is Professor Todd Lewis from Holy Cross College.  The members starting from the Executive Director are Dr. Sree Padma Holt, Dean Stephen Sawyer from Bates, Professor John Holt from Bowdoin, Professor Kathleen Royr from Carleton, Professor Sahan Dissanayake from Colby, Professor Joshua Brown from Gustavus, and Steven Hopkins from Swarthmore Colleges. 

The study abroad representatives for the year 2013-14 are: Christine Wintersteen from Bowdoin College, Helena Kaufman from Carleton College, Nancy Downey from Colby College, Jill Fischer from Gustavus, Brittain Smith from Holy Cross College, and Patricia Martin from Swarthmore College. 

At its annual meeting, the ISLE Faculty Board receives reports from the Executive Director, reviews policies, and entertains proposals and recommends them to the Administrators Board.  The Administrator's Board reviews and approves the recommendations made by the Faculty Board and presented by the Executive Director.