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ISLE Insurance Information and Policies

ISLE Program Insurance Details

The ISLE Program maintains an international assistance program which is offered to students at no additional cost subject to the terms and conditions of the policy issued by Ace USA.  This program is offered to supplement other insurance required by ISLE of every student while studying in Sri Lanka.  The policy provides certain coverage including:

·         Emergency Medical Evacuation and Repatriation – The student may be afforded this benefit if adequate medical facilities are not available at a local hospital.  Ace will arrange and pay for medical evacuation to the nearest location with adequate medical facilities if medically necessary.  If it determined that the student needs to be treated at a facility in his/her country of residence Ace will arrange and pay for repatriation for this purpose.  Also, this policy will provide up to $5,000 for a family member to accompany the student during such medical repatriation if approved in advance by Ace.

·         Medical Monitoring – Ace will monitor the medical condition of the student and communicate with the student’s emergency contact regarding the medical condition of the student during medical emergencies.

·         Hospital Admission Deposit – Ace will provide up to a $10,000 hospital admission deposit if required by the hospital while the student is traveling.  This deposit must be repaid to Ace within 45 days by the student.

·         Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefit – Ace provides an accidental death and dismemberment benefit under this policy up to $25,000 from the time the student leaves the United States until the program ends or the student returns to the United States, whichever occurs first.  Important note:  this policy provides coverage to the student during the return trip to the United States only if the student departs Sri Lanka at the end of the program and travels directly back to the States.

·         Emergency evacuation for reason of political unrest – Ace will arrange evacuation services to the nearest safe location if political unrest develops in the country where the student is studying.  This benefit must be approved by Ace prior to evacuation

·         Ace also may provide emergency medications, lost document assistance, embassy and consular information and translation and interpreter services for the student.  For in person translation and interpreter services the student will be required to pay for these services.

This plan does not provide trip delay or cancellation coverage, which should be considered and purchased by the student, if desired.  The services provided by this policy are always subject to prior authorization from Ace and this program will not reimburse students for travel expenses incurred on their own to accomplish evacuation or repatriation to their home country. 

If you have an emergency while traveling please contact Ace directly at US toll: 800-766-8206; Intl call collect: 202-659-7777 and identify yourself as an insured under the policy issued to Isle Program (USA) Policy Number: PHFD37247765.

ACE USA International Advantage (P.O. Box 25149, Lehigh Valley, PA 18002-5149 US toll: 800-766-8206; Intl call collect: 202-659-7777)

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*The views expressed in the above blog do not necessarily reflect the views of the ISLE Program. We hope it may serve as a suppplement to student reading as they prepare to safely navigate a new culture.