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Eligibility and Costs

Any student in good standing at his or her home institution is eligible to apply for the program. Beyond the early decision deadline (December 1st), applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Preference is given to those who apply early on. The ISLE Program is best suited for students interested in learning from intensive exposure to a significantly different social, cultural, and material environment. Those who are open to the new lifestyle and who embrace the many academic and research opportunities that ISLE offers, will find the experience rewarding and transformative. 

Program Dates
Spring 2018: January 28, 2018 - May 19, 2018
Fall 2018*: August 27, 2018 - December 15, 2018
*exact dates are tentative and subject to change

ISLE Tuition:

Fall 2017/Spring 2018

Tuition Deposit: $500
The non-refundable tuition deposit confirms the student's spot in the program. The deposit should be submitted when the student accepts ISLE's offer to participate in the program. It is paid by the student's home institution or the student, as per the home institution's policy. Students should consult the Off-Campus Study office at their home institution to verify whether the school will cover the deposit.

Study and Research Fees: $15,950
Includes cost of one semester at University of Peradeniya, Sri Lankan Studies Seminar lectures, plus costs of pre-departure support and advice, on-site orientation, study materials and independent study expenses. 

Room and Board: $2,050
Covers meals and accommodations at the host family home. 

Transportation & Insurance: $3,000
Includes in-country transportation (program-related), visa fees, supplemental medical insurance, study tours, and field trips. Please note that the supplemental medical insurance provided by the program is not a substitute for adequate primary health insurance with international coverage, which students are required to carry as a prerequisite to participation in the program. Most college student health plans offer such coverage but it is the responsibility of students and their families to check carefully with their health insurance providers to determine whether their own health insurance coverage meets this prerequisite.

TOTAL COST: $21,500

Student Responsibility: International airfare and baggage fees, primary medical insurance with international coverage,  International Student Identity Card (ISIC) fee, and personal incidental expenses not listed above. To give you an idea of in-country costs, see the list below of a few typical incidental expenses. 

Rice & Curry Lunch Packet (vegetarian): Rs. 120-150 or $0.82-$1.02
Rice & Curry Lunch Packet (with meat): Rs. 180-275 or $1.23-$1.87
King Coconut Water: Rs. 45-60 or $0.31-$0.41
Haircut: Rs.200-450 or $1.36-$3.04
Three-Wheeler Taxi (from ISLE Center to Kandy): Rs. 600 or $4.09
Local Bus (from ISLE center to Kandy): Rs. 25 or $0.17
Local Bus (from Kandy to Colombo): Rs. 400 or $2.72

Scholarship Opportunities

Listed below are a few scholarship options to help fund your study abroad experience. Your home college may also offer scholarships for study abroad. Visit your school website or talk with you Off-Campus Study Advisers for information on additional scholarship resources. 

Gilman Scholarship

Boren Scholarship

Project Travel

IIE Passport Study Abroad Funding

Fund for Education Abroad

Corrinne Jeannine Schillings Foundation Travel Abroad Scholarships

Go Overseas Study Abroad Scholarship

GoAbroad Scholarship Directory

Accredited Schools Online Student's Guide to Studying Abroad

Volunteer Abroad Travel Scholarship 

You may also consider contacting your local Chamber of Commerce for information on local organizations (Lions Club, Rotary Club, etc) that offer scholarships and funding for study abroad.

Please email with any questions about program costs.