*A Note on Transcripts: The ISLE Program issues a transcript to each student's home institution. This transcript can be reproduced by the institution upon the student's request.

Required Courses

Conversational Sinhala I (4 semester-hour credits/1 semester-course credit) 
40 hours of intensive language instruction in colloquial Sinhala, emphasizing functional use of the language in contexts that students can be expected to encounter in daily life.

Sri Lankan Studies Seminar & Independent Study Project (4 semester-hour credits/1 semester-course credit)
The Sri Lankan Studies Seminar (SLSS) is a collection of field-based lectures led by professors and scholars from the Univeristy of Peradeniya. Each lecture offers a glimpse into a different aspect of Sri Lankan culture and society, so as to provide students with a holistic understanding of the island and its people. The seminar includes short day trips and overnight visits to villages, NGOs, and historical & religious sites throughout the island. The SLSS prepares students for the Independent Study Project. The Independent Study Project is the culmination of the Sri Lankan Studies Seminar and consists of fours weeks of field research. Students submit a final research paper and present their work at a day-long seminar at the University of Peradeniya.

Elective Courses

Each elective course is 4 semester-hour credits/1 semester-course credit.

Sinhala II and Tamil language courses, along with three other elective courses, will be offered each semester. Course offerings will depend on students' interests, so applicants are encouraged to be specific about their academic interests when applying. A few of our courses are only offered in a particular semester, please see below:

Environmental Studies: Biodiversity through Space and Time (Due to the monsoon season in Sri Lanka, we offer this course in the Spring semester when the weather is better for field trips and outdoor exploration)

Ethnicity & Social Identity

Modern Sri Lankan Politics

Religious Practice and Everyday Life in Sri Lanka

Traditional Medicine (this course is offered in the Fall semester. It features an environmental studies component that will satisfy those ES students looking to study abroad in Fall.)

Sinhala Language II (offered both semesters)
Students who take Sinhala I and Sinhala II will earn a total of 8 semester-hour credits/2 semester-course credits for Sinhala language. Students may be able to use this to fulfill foreign language requirements at their home institution. Students must confirm this with the appropriate faculty member or administrator at their home college/university.

Tamil Language (offered both semesters)

Images of the Feminine & the Social Experiences of Women